The DCLI Specialty Chassis inventory is one of the largest rental fleets of specialized chassis in the USA.  It consists of only special purpose chassis. Our equipment is manufactured to optimize weight distribution for hauling larger and heavier loads legally and safely.

DCLI chassis are made from established designs and when you lease from us equipment is always equipped with OEM tires to reduce expensive and time-consuming breakdowns and blowouts.  All chassis are inspected by accredited surveyors prior to leasing.

Selecting the right chassis is key to providing safe and reliable transportation of cargo across the United States.  Listed below are our most frequently leased chassis:

Superslider Triaxle Chassis


This chassis is an economical option that can carry one heavy load 20-foot container.  Loads up to 53,000 lbs, more in permitted corridors MGVWR 65,000 lbs.

20’-40’ Combo Triaxle or Spreadaxle


This multi-function option can carry overweight 20’s, 40’s and 45’s and available models offer the maximum in backhaul efficiency by carrying two empty 20’ containers. With multiple configurations in spread and triaxle these chassis will meet almost any need.